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Peggy Bell’s Bridge photo added

Another George Blyth photo

If you’ve been enjoying looking at the growing collection of images in the Breamish Valley Photographic Collection, you’ll be interested to know that we’ve just added another image to the George Blyth Collection.

From a broken plate

Of the approximately 100 glass negative plates in the George Blyth Collection, several were broken beyond repair. However, we have been able to construct an image of Peggy Bell’s Bridge from a glass plate that had the top right-hand corner snapped off. We were able to find the missing triangular piece and lay it close to the main image on our light box (see below).

Two broken pieces of glass negative laid together

We then filmed the negative and converted it to a positive. Subsequently, using a combination of Adobe® Lightroom and Photoshop, we were able to ‘stitch’ the pieces together to form a reasonably damage-free image (see below).

Repaired image of Peggy Bell’s Bridge

The Peggy Bell’s Bridge photograph has it’s own page here>>

This brings the number of photos on display from the George Blyth Collection to 65.


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