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Paragliding practice

East Hill paragliding practice

Cycling along the lane from Branton behind the Branton Nature Conservation Area towards the Branton-Brandon footbridge a couple of days ago, I noticed what at first sight seemed to be large pink, yellow and purple flags. I stopped and looked towards East Hill [featured on this site in July as an area undertaking a Grass harvest]. Now, taking a closer look, I could see that these flags had people attached to them – they were paragliders.

Three people appeared to be undergoing training from one instructor: repeatedly going to the top of one of the lower fields and then gliding down for about 100m or so.

Mmm…not for me, I’m afraid. Yes, really…I’d be afraid. Perhaps when I was much younger and didn’t think anything bad could happen in the universe but not nowadays. Cycling does it for me and that’s about as risky as I get.

Anyway, it was a colourful sight.

Would you try paragliding practice?

paragliding training 2

Paragliding practice in Breamish Valley

paragliding training 3

And we’re off…!!

paragliding training 3

100m later…touch down!

paragliding training 5

Then back to the top…and try again…

paragliding training 6

The wind’s caught this one!

paragliding training 8

This paragliding practice does look good fun, though!


  1. Bernie Gulliver

    I’ve spotted people doing this the last twice when visiting Breamish Valley Cottages with my husband. Do you know which company does this and do they have taster sessions? Hoping you can help. Thanks

    1. Hi Bernie! Yes, in fact I actually saw two people paragliding off the hills just to the west of Glanton Pyke today. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there’s a particular company that runs training sessions from here. I know that some individuals have permission from one of the land owners near Fawdon to paraglide from their land. But I don’t personally know of any particular companies. I’ll ask around and if anyone is able to shed any light on this I’ll get in touch. In the meantime, I hope you’re continuing to enjoy the Breamish Valley and the Breamish Valley Cottages. Regards! Graham

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