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The Breamish Valley

A picturesque landscape of high hills, open moorland, gently rolling farmland and the scenic River Breamish!


Good things in nature

What do you think is good in nature?

  • Active wildlife?
  • Its beauty?
  • The wide range of colours?
  • Something else?

While each of us would probably answer the question in a slightly different way, Dr Miles Richardson and colleagues at the University of Derby1 have identified 10 themes that capture everyday good things in nature that promote a person’s sense of connection to nature:

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Coffee and scones in Winter

Nice place to stop

One of the nicest stops along the Breamish Valley is calling in at Muddy Boots Café.

This was my first visit of the New Year. As always, we received a warm welcome from Jan and Susan. Jan popped on the fan heater so that we could enjoy sitting and cupping our coffee on the soft sofas in the seating area towards the back. I had a delicious cheese scone and my usual cappuccino. Nothing nicer on a cold winter’s day!

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Autumn trees in the Valley

Lots of rain today, so I couldn’t get out on my bike for my usual ride along the Breamish Valley. So, I took a look at some of the photos I’d taken a couple of weeks ago and found these…

…majestic trees in the autumn sunshine with their red, yellow and ochre leaves makes a walk along the River Breamish quite spectacular.

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Rainbows at Reaveley

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. The light can be warm and inviting and the low sun creates some wonderful shadows in the landscape. Of course, the weather’s extremely changeable and we can have downpours in a matter of moments.

The following two photos were taken along the Breamish Valley in October just after heavy rain. They were taken looking towards Reaveley [GPS: 55°26’42” N 1°57’8″ W].

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