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A picturesque landscape of high hills, open moorland, gently rolling farmland and the scenic River Breamish!

BREAMISH VALLEY winds through the Cheviot Hills of north Northumberland, meandering through the Northumberland National Park. Home to a wide range of wildlife, trees and flowers, the ancient landscape also boasts numerous Neolithic and Bronze Age hillforts and burial sites.

As part of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, Breamish Valley is a stargazer's paradise: it has the clearest night skies in England!

And being just a few miles from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of Northumberland's unspoilt coastline and beaches, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Brahma hens

More hens than people?

There was a time, not so long ago, when the casual visitor to Powburn could have been forgiven for thinking that there were substantially more hens than people living in the village! So, it’s perhaps understandable that, given we need a lot of eggs for the B&B, it wasn’t long before a flock of utility hens were added to the garden.

BBQ (July 2017) Postponed!

Message from Doreen Burn

Breamish Hall Committee

Dear All

Having looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow [22 July 2017], it is due to rain for most of the day,I think we should cancel the BBQ [arranged for 3:30pm; 22 July 2017; Breamish Hall garden] and reschedule it for another day. Please can you let people know.

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