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A picturesque landscape of high hills, open moorland, gently rolling farmland and the scenic River Breamish!


Breamish Valley Roll of Honour

A Little Firework Fun 2020

Family firework fun

At a time during the second UK national lockdown when we were all unable to attend organised Bonfire Night firework displays, it was nice to see from my window that at least one family was making the most of things up on the old railway line in Powburn, well away from anyone. It was lovely to hear the sound of a child laughing and squealing in delight, as the fireworks were let off one by one by their daddy. And you couldn’t help but see the wonderful flashes of light in the near darkness at the back of Powburn near the Dene. Lifted the spirits!

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Remembrance Sunday 2020


We are sure that members of the local community will recognise the current unusual circumstances surrounding the possibility of commemorating Remembrance Sunday this year. While the UK Government has now published guidance (published 3 Nov 2020), the required actions and responsibilities mean that there is insufficient time to organise a public event. However, we do not want to let this commemoration pass us by and we want to assure you that the fallen of the Breamish Valley are never forgotten. Consequently, a wreath will be laid by May Wilson BEM on behalf of the local community.

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Vanessa Atalanta

Red Admirals in the valley

The Red Admiral butterfly (scientific name: Vanessa atalanta) is a commonly seen butterfly in gardens and along the Breamish Valley usually from Spring and right through the summer months. However, these timings are extremely variable and, perhaps like me, you’ve seen these distinctively coloured insects nectaring in your garden, along the valley or in My Autumn Dene into early Autumn?

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