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The Breamish Valley

A picturesque landscape of high hills, open moorland, gently rolling farmland and the scenic River Breamish!


Scottish Cups and Rings

Cups and rings over the border

Achnabreac Forest in the Kilmartin Glen in Argyll And Bute, Scotland [GPS: 56°3’38.304″ N 5°26’46.602″ W] has one of the best examples of prehistoric rock art in Scotland. The carvings are around 5,000 years old and spread over three main outcrops.

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Cup and Ring Marks

Cup and ring marks – here and there

Cup and ring marks are a form of prehistoric art that can be found in different parts of the world, including Northumberland in the UK and Alaska in the US. These marks consist of circular hollows, called cups, surrounded by one or more concentric rings, sometimes connected by grooves or channels. They are usually carved on natural rocks or boulders, but sometimes also on megalithic structures such as stone circles or burial chambers.

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