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BREAMISH VALLEY winds through the Cheviot Hills of north Northumberland, meandering through the Northumberland National Park. Home to a wide range of wildlife, trees and flowers, the ancient landscape also boasts numerous Neolithic and Bronze Age hillforts and burial sites.

As part of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, Breamish Valley is a stargazer's paradise: it has the clearest night skies in England!

And being just a few miles from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of Northumberland's unspoilt coastline and beaches, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Public Meeting: Stop Speeding! 15 Mar 2013

Public Meeting

Stop Speeding! Campaign

Friday 15 March 2013


Plough Inn, Powburn
Councillor John Taylor will be in attendance

At the Public Meeting on 1 February 2013 which launched the Powburn Stop Speeding! Campaign, Councillor John Taylor advised residents that he would approach Northumberland County Council (NCC) and ask for:

Minutes: Stop Speeding! 1 Feb 2013

Inaugural meeting minutes

Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Powburn Stop Speeding! Campaign are now available.

The purpose of the first Public Meeting was to gauge residents’ interest and to decide what action could be taken to prevent a serious or fatal accident occurring on our roads – especially the A697 that runs right through Powburn Village.

Stop Speeding! Campaign

Stop Speeding! Campaign

[All images © Robbie Burn 2013 – used with permission]

On 1 February 2013, residents of Powburn gathered at the Plough Inn to consider the longstanding problem of speeding traffic through the village on the A697.

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