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Out In The Light

In the light of the valley

Well…it’s that déjà vu feeling again, isn’t it? Exercising in the lockdowns – still, I do keep reminding myself how lucky we are to live in such beautiful surroundings.

And, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, the light at this time of the year is pretty terrific – changing from moment to moment.

Cycling along the Breamish Valley yesterday was a real event. At times it was bright sunshine. Then soft falls of snow. And some very heavy rain. And then an eerie calm. It all happens in the Breamish Valley, eh?

Photo of rocks across River Breamish
In the light of brooding clouds near Ingram
Photo of River Breamish in golden light
All golden in the light at Branton
Photo of River Breamish from footbridge at Branton village
In the light of the Breamish looking upstream
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