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Oh, Christmas Tree 2018!

Thank you!

May Wilson (Hedgeley Parish Council) has sent the following information today.

No doubt you’ll have seen the wonderful Christmas Tree in the Powburn Community Garden (pictured above and below).

Powburn Christmas Tree 2018

Well, we’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped to make this possible: 

  • John Carr-Ellison provided the Christmas tree once again this year.
  • Hedgeley Parish Council purchased new sets of lights for the Christmas tree (10 x 10 m Lighting Strings 24v LED Ice White (£44.00 per string; total cost of £440, including VAT from ChristmasLightsDirect).
  • Everyone who helped at the Coffee Morning in the Breamish Hall and those who made donations.
  • Simon Wilson and Mick Keen for cutting and delivering the tree.
  • Robbie and Doreen Burn, Sid Smailes and Ian Wilkinson helped to decorate the tree.
  • Sid Smailes and Julia Simpson for supplying the electricity to power  the lights!

The money was raised by generous donations from:

  • David Penny, Penny Petroleum (£250.00)
  • Hedgeley Women’s Institute (£20.00)
  • Robbie & Doreen Burn (£20.00)
  • Beverley Wood (£10.00)
  • Coffee Morning (£154.50)

Anything left? 

There is £14.50 outstanding. This will be allocated to be used towards Christmas lights/tree in the future.

Magical place

As well as the Christmas Tree, Sid and friends have also put lights up in the trees to the back of the Community Garden. On a clear night, when you can see the stars, it’s simply magical. It’s worth putting on a warm coat, hat and gloves and standing in the garden and looking up to the heavens – simply breathtaking!

Magical fairy lights
Magical dark skies above Powburn Community Garden


  1. Paul Whelan

    Well done to everyone concerned, looks fantastic….looking forward to seeing it all this weekend…Merry Christmas everyone
    Paul Tracey and family

  2. Hi Paul! Many thanks. Yes, lots of people worked very hard to make this happen. It looks great – and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you visit at the weekend. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

    1. Lights look fantastic.Powburn looks ” magical” thanks to its lights.Thank you.

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