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My Winter Dene

Monochrome winter Dene

Following on from the fresh, vibrant colours of a Spring Dene and the earth-coloured russets, purples and reds of an autumn Dene it was time for a walk in the muted, monochromes of a winter Crawley Dene today.

The majority of the recent snow in the valley has now disappeared, leading to a melt water overflowing the burns. However, the snow is still lying over the old railway line along the Dene. There’s a good reason that an ‘ice warning’ sign is situated on the A697 through the Dene: the geography of the area means that the cold air lingers here long after areas outside the Dene have warmed.

With few, if any, flowers blooming along the Dene at the moment, and the leaves having fallen from the deciduous trees, it all looks quite monochrome. The snow adds to this desaturated look.

Monochrome photo of Shawdon Burn through Crawley Dene
Shawdon Burn through Crawley Dene
Monochrome photo of fallen tree in Crawley Dene
Newly fallen tree (wasn’t there yesterday!)
Monochrome photo of snow in Crawley Dene
Snow still covering floor of Crawley Dene

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