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My Pow Burn Floweth Over

Pow Burn overflowing

Inevitably after the recent snow in the valley and the snow around Hedgeley Lake, there was going to be a thawing. And that began yesterday.

When out on my once-a-day-exercise (how many times can I say, ‘Déja vu’?) yesterday, I attempted to walk along the course of the Pow Burn and on to Hedgeley Lakes. However, the rapid melting of the ice and snow led to the Pow Burn overflowing its banks and blocking off the path.

As I wasn’t wearing wellies, I didn’t fancy trying to hike through the overflow – which was now running over the path and into the opposite field. In parts, it was around 25cm deep and the ground was, of course, extremely boggy.

Still, I managed to get some nice photos before turning back the way I came and cutting short my intended walk.

Photo of flooded footpath
Flooded footpath
Photo of the point at which the Pow Burn overflows its banks
Pow Burn overflows into field
Low angle landscape photo of flooded footpath
Awkward to walk on – nice to look at!
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