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My Old Oak

Old oak near Branton

Everyone’s got a favourite place, right? A favourite place to be? A favourite place to just look and see what you can see?

As I enjoy photography as a hobby, I have a favourite location that I like to keep returning to and to keep taking the same photograph. Yes, over and over…and over. It’s an old oak tree in a field opposite the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve, just before the Branton footbridge. I love the solidity of it, the way it stands out from the Cheviots in the background, the wide expanse of the field in front, the coming and going of sheep and people. I say the ‘same’ image but, of course, that’s the point – it never is the same image. The world changes, conditions change. More sun yesterday, more cloud today. More calm yesterday, more blustery today.

In the image below, which I took as I passed on my once-a-day exercise yesterday, you can clearly see the light purples of the hills and the russets of the dead bracken framing the tree against the deep green grasses of the field behind. And, in the foreground, the ploughed field made golden by the remnant stalks of the previous crop.

Whoops…sorry about that…


Stay positive!

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