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My Autumn Dene

Autumn Dene ochres, reds and purples

After the Spring colouring of My Green Dene in April this year, the autumn colours have now arrived: sumptuous yellows, reds, deep purples, and golden browns. And, in the right light, you can still see some of those exquisite chocolate shadows under the tree canopies along the disused railway line of Crawley Dene.

If you haven’t taken a stroll along the track recently, it’s well worth the effort – particularly as the clumps of rosebay willowherb have now shed their silky seed heads and the dead flower spikes are turning to a radiant russet.

Here are a few images from walk yesterday (12 October 2020):

Autumnal vegetation along Crawley Dene
My autumn Dene, Powburn
An autumn-coloured rosebay willowherb
Autumn rosebay willowherb
Several clumps of autumnal rosebay willowherb at Crawley Dene
Clumps of autumnal rosebay willowherb
Russet and red-coloured bramble leaves
Brambles on the turn

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