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My Autumn Dene 2023

Autumn Dene 2023 colour palate

Exactly three years on from My Autumn Dene walk along Crawley Dene at Powburn, the same autumnal colours are once again dominating the landscape:

  • orange
  • red
  • yellow
  • brown
  • vermillion
  • ochre
  • chestnut
  • chocolate

This autumnal colour palate is a favourite for photographers. The colours of the leaves create a beautiful contrast with the sky and the earth. The hues of red, orange and yellow add a sense of warmth and cosiness to the images. Autumn also offers a variety of lighting conditions, from soft and diffuse to bright and dramatic. The low angle of the sun creates long shadows and highlights the textures of the trees and the ground.

Autumn is a time to capture the beauty of nature and the changing seasons.

autumn rosebay willowherb
Autumn Dene 2023 rosebay willowherb
oak tree in autumn colours
Ochre oak
hawthorn fruits
Plenty for the birds
view of Crawley Dene
My Autumn Dene 2023 landscape
snail on horsetail plant
Snail on horsetail
autumn brambles
Autumn brambles

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