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Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas!

Well…it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? It’s been kind of:

  • unusual
  • extraordinary
  • uncommon
  • remarkable
  • unparalleled
  • aberrant

Mmm…the list goes on.

I realise for many this will have been an extremely taxing year and, perhaps, one filled with sadness, perhaps filled with loss. My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered this year.

I’d noted recently that Advent evokes the idea of waiting and anticipation: usually, waiting for and anticipating something good. And, as we approach the shortest day of the year on 21 December, there is some definite light at the end of the terrible tunnel. With 90-year-old Margaret Keenan having been the first person in the UK to receive the Pfizer vaccine just four days ago on 8 December 2020, the COVID-19 vaccine is now being rolled out across the UK. Surely this, and the promise of further vaccines developed by other research groups, gives us hope that the advent of a return to some sort of normality is near. I believe that there’s every reason to be encouraged.

So, in the spirit of optimism, I’d like to wish all a


Christmas wreath with holly and berries

And I hope that you have an extremely


Fairy lights on a tree and the words 'Happy New Year'

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