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Need wood fuel?

Are you in need of wood fuel owing to financial constraints, poor health, advanced age or rural isolation?

If so, please contact Kate Thick – Email:   Tel. 07900 963 234.

Pilot log bank

A pilot log bank is currently being established near Wooler, under the auspices of the Glendale Gateway Trust. Logs are now being gathered which will be available this winter for people in need in the Wooler area.

The log bank will not be open to the public. Seasoned wood will be delivered to people who, owing to financial constraints, poor health, age or isolation, have difficulty obtaining or handling logs. Volunteers – trained or with the appropriate skills – will also stack the logs and carry out basic checks to ensure fire safety and energy efficiency, and if any other assistance is required.

Do you know anyone in need?

We are asking community organisations, village halls and shops, GPs, district nurses, churches of all denominations and parish councils to help us contact those who may need assistance with wood fuel. Confidentiality is assured.

The project has the support of Community Action Northumberland and Northumberland County Council.

[NB: We are also distributing particularly good potatoes kindly donated by a farm near Wooler.]

Volunteers needed!

We are looking for volunteers in the Wooler area, especially those with appropriate skills or anyone interested in undergoing training, who could spare a few hours a week to help collect, prepare and deliver logs. Developing skills and knowledge about safeguarding is also essential.

Contact details

Kate Thick – Email:   Tel. 07900 963 234.

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