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Log Bank LANTRA Training

LANTRA Training at Wooler Log Bank

[Credit: Images are © Kate Thick 2020 and used with permission]

The Northumberland Log Bank owes its continuing success to the help of several willing volunteers.

Of course, proper training of people who volunteer to cut and remove logs is essential. And yesterday (Saturday 10 October 2020), three volunteers undertook LANTRA training in safe chainsaw use and crosscutting. Lantra is an awarding body for land-based industries in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The three volunteers, together with trainer Ian Fletcher are pictured below, undergoing socially-distanced training in a well-ventilated poly-tunnel at Wooler Log Bank.

Back (L-R): Ian Fletcher (trainer); Paul Cowie // Front (L-R): Alan Phipps; James Ritchie

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