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Log Bank Growing Strong

Log Bank growing strong in Wooler

Since starting a pilot scheme in Wooler around July of this year, the Northumberland Log Bank has been steadily growing. The Trustees and volunteers have been developing their skills, including the safe use of chainsaws.

Safe use of chainsaw

Having also expanded their links with the local community, the Wooler Log Bank has now gathered and prepared a store of logs ready for delivery this winter.

Seasoned logs ready for delivery

What’s it all about?

The Log Bank is not open to the public. Rather, the aim is to deliver seasoned wood fuel logs to people who have difficulty obtaining or handling logs due to financial constraints, poor health, age or isolation.

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Do you know anyone in need?

Please help us to contact people who need our help. Confidentiality is assured.


KATE THICK (Founding Trustee)

Tel: 07900 963 234


Would you like to help?

Can you spare a few hours a week to help collect, prepare and deliver logs?

We are looking for volunteers in the Wooler area, especially those with appropriate skills or anyone interested in undergoing training: developing skills and knowledge around safeguarding are also essential.

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