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Lion Bridge Autumn

Lion Bridge, Alnwick

The iconic Lion Bridge has been a favourite of photographers for decades. And, at this time of the year, given the right light, the scene looks wonderful nestled as it is close to Alnwick Castle.

Lion Bridge Autumn from Alnwick Castle Graham Williamson

According to the SCRAN online learning service of Historic Environment Scotland, the bridge (built by Robert Adam to replace a previous bridge that was demolished in floods during 1770) is called the Lion Bridge because…

…it has a sculpture of the Percy Lion (which said beast also appears as part of the crest of the achievement of arms of Northumberland County Council) distinguished from all other lions by having (and always being depicted with) a straight tail. The Percy Lion was created in 1773 by John Knowles and is fabricated from cast lead placed on a sandstone plinth which is part of the bridge parapet.


Lion Bridge Autumn 2017 Graham Williamson


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