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Linhope Landscape

Linhope landscape: at the top of the valley

I really appreciate the landscape at the top of the Breamish Valley – just as you enter the Linhope Estate. The views are superb. I call it ‘our little piece of Austria’ because it reminds me of some of the rolling hills and upland meadows to be found there.

It’s stunning to look at at any time of the year, watching the colours of the landscape change throughout the seasons. And about one week ago, I made a trip along to Linhope during the brief sunny spell we were enjoying following the prolonged ice and snow since the turn of the New Year.

The sky was blue and there wasn’t much cloud to be seen (actually not the best conditions for landscape photography, as a bit of cloud adds texture and interest to the sky). Anyway, the walk and views were very welcome.

Landscape photo of Cheviot Hills
Stunning Linhope landscape
Photo of large rock balanced on top of smaller rocks
Balancing act
Photo of row of trees reflected in river
River Breamish in reflective mood
Photo of old fence posts sticking out of a drystone wall

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