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Liddle Lamzy Divey

Liddle lamzy divey in the valley!

Having passed the first day of Spring, what signifies Spring in north Northumberland more than a liddle lamzy (sigh!) gambolling in a field with a flock of others?

Something to enjoy…

two liddle lamzy diveys
liddle lamzy diveys feeding
liddle lamzy divey penned in
liddle lamzy divey on the move
liddle lamzy divey climbing
flock of liddle lamzy diveys

Name that tune!

The phrase ‘liddle lamzy divey’ comes from a novelty song written by Milton Drake in 1943. It was recorded in 1944 by the Merry Macs and became an instant hit. The song was based on a nursery rhyme and was titled ‘Mairzy Doats’.

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