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Late Spring Sunset 2021

Spring Sunset

Are you still looking up over a year on from the first England lockdown? I hope so. And, if you are, then you’ll most likely have seen the recent wonderful late-Spring sunsets. There have been some vibrant pinks and oranges on display: quite breath-taking at times.

Photo of sunset over trees and houses
Sunset from my garden at Powburn

Light from the sun is scattered by molecules, dust particles, etc in the Earth’s atmosphere. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than red light, and so it is scattered more easily than red. As the sun sets, its light has to pass through more of the Earth’s atmosphere. Consequently, more red light gets through to us – and that’s why we see the wonderful red-end colours of the spectrum. It is especially dramatic when the light reflects off the underside of low-lying fluffy clouds. Just what’s not to enjoy, eh?

Colour photo of sunset over two trees in Northumberland
Wonderful red-end light
Same again

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.

Kristen Butler
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