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Last of the Autumn Leaves 2020

Autumn leaves don’t last…

It’s been a great year for vibrant coloured autumn leaves along the lanes where we live this year. It’s been a real joy to see the ochres, umbers, purples, yellow, golds, reds and russets. But…nothing lasts forever, and the leaves are almost gone now. But as the deciduous trees shed most of their leaves for the winter, the larches are still holding onto their needles as they turn a wonderful yellow-brown-gold. Again, what’s not to like?

landscape view of berries and larch near Powburn
Berries and larch looking towards the Cheviots
landscape view of autumn leaves across a field at Powburn
Near Powburn
panorama of autumn leaves at Hedgeley
Hedgeley panorama
landscape view of autumn leaves at Powburn
Near Powburn (again)
street view of autumn leaves in Branton
Autumn in Branton
landscape view of autumn leaves at Hedgeley Lake
View from Hedgeley Lakes

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