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Kind-Hearted Kids Plant Trees in Play Park

Kids plant trees

Two girls from Morpeth who have been participating in the Powburn Show since they were 3-years-old, and attending lots of events at Breamish Hall, gave up their Sunday morning yesterday to come to the Powburn Play Area to plant trees. The donated trees will help to make the Play Area look more beautiful and attract more wildlife.

Amé (10 years) and her sister Iona (8 years) first ensured they had all the necessary equipment, and then laid out the bamboo canes and tree guards so they knew where they would need to dig the holes for the trees:

Photo of two girls laying tree guards on the floor
Iona (purple jumper) and Amé placing the tree guards along the fence near the zip wire

And then they set to work digging, planting and watering:

School girl planting a tree
Iona planting a bare root tree
Girl crouched behind newly-planted tree
Complete with tree guard. Well done, Iona!
Girl sitting next to tree and waving
And well done, Amé!
Girl standing next to oak sapling
Amé planted this larger oak at the far end of the Play Area

After almost 3 hours, the girls had finished their planting:

Two girls standing in front of row of newly-planted saplings
Iona and Amé with their newly-planted trees
Two girls standing next to newly-planted trees with outstretched arms
Time to celebrate!

Great fun!

Amé and Iona both said that they had a great time planting the trees and that they were pleased that it would help the park and the wildlife. What a kind-hearted thing to do!

Even though you’re little you can still do a lot!



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