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Kettlercise Fitness Class

[Image by Joanna Dubaj]

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing…

are you ready to get fit?

The Breamish Hall in Powburn has the opportunity to host a

Kettlercise Class

Wednesday evenings

(time to be confirmed)


Kettlercise is a fitness class that uses just one piece of equipment – the kettlebell:

Photo of two kettlebells on wooden floor
Image by Csaba Nagy

A kettlebell is a heavy ball, usually made of steel or cast iron, with a single handle on top. It looks a bit like a cannon ball with a handle! It’s used in all sorts of exercises to help improve endurance, tone muscles, increase cardio stamina, and stimulate healthy weight loss.

They come in different weights, so beginners start with a lightweight kettlebell and more experienced people can choose a heavier weight.

The Kettlercise fitness programme was developed by Guy Noble and Adrian Burton in the early 2000s. You can check out what’s involved on the following Youtube video:

More information on the official website:

I’m up for this – what do I do now?

We need to get an idea of numbers to ensure that running a class would be viable for the instructor.

So, to express your interest in attending, please contact

Julia Simpson Mob: 07776 083662 Email: 

Photo of man and woman standing while exercising with kettlebells
Image by karabulakastan



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