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Into the Copper Wood

Copper Wood of Thrunton

About three weeks ago, I talked a little about beech leaves still clinging to their branches during winter and how their copper-coloured leaves loom out from the dark backdrop of shady woodland. They make great photos:

Photo of beech tree
Copper-coloured beech leaves

But, as well as encouraging myself to keep looking up, it’s important to get low down and see what’s under our feet.

Interestingly, the woodland floor at Thrunton Wood is still overspread with brown leaves…everywhere! They haven’t yet rotted away since the leaf fall of autumn. And, in just the right light, the many cinnamon, chestnut, and copper-coloured leaves again make for some wonderful photos.

Photo of copper-coloured leaves on a woodland floor
Fallen tree in a cooper wood
Photo of a tangled branch lying on a woodland floor
Tangled branch

The tangled branch above reminded me of my walk through My Tangled Dene last week: lots of twisted and snarled twigs and branches.

Photo of a dead tree trunk on a woodland floor covered in dead leaves
Dead trunk


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