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Ingram Village Hall Re-opening 2010

[Credit: All images used with permission of the Ingram Village Hall Committee (2019)]

Following the successful refurbishment of Ingram Village Hall in July 2010 an official re-opening took place at the Family Fun Day and Barbecue on Sunday 29 August 2010.

Members of the community gathered, dodging the squalls, to enjoy a barbecue while all ages joined in rounders and other games.

Unfortunately, the kite workshop had to be abandoned due to very strong winds – but it didn’t spoil the fun.

The chairman of the Ingram Village Hall Committee, ‘Len’ Glen-Davison set the scene for the opening of the hall.

Bobby Blain, the longest serving member of the Committee, was helped by the youngest members of the community to cut the symbolic bailer twine.

The barbecue got the professional touch from Richard…

…and was enjoyed by all!

At the end of the day, Bobby took time out to enjoy a well-earned burger.

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