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Ingram Village Hall History Book

Ingram Village Hall history book now available!

As part of the Ingram Village Hall Heritage Project, Len Glen-Davison has now published a history of the village hall in book form.

Having designed and printed a history board for the Ingram Village Hall, Len has now completed and published a book of his findings. The book goes on sale shortly and all proceeds will go towards a nominated charity (the specific charity to be confirmed).

The history covers the period from the Hall’s opening in 1928 as a Church Hall and local community facility to the present day. Several photos help to document its history, together with written commentaries.

Photo of Ingram Village Hall pre 2010
Ingram Village Hall prior to renovation in 2010
Photo of Ingram Village Hall c. 2021
Ingram Village Hall c. 2021

Preface to the book

In current times we have the benefit of technology not available almost 100 years ago. At the click of a button we can take, print and download photos (none of the “take the film to the chemist shop to get printed and wait 7-10 days for its return”) or store thousands of documents on a small hard drive or in the Cloud. Unfortunately we now regard this as everyday life and forget that not that long ago none of this was possible. Photos were not taken very often and usually faded after a few years. Those events which were recorded were very rarely archived and the more observant amongst you will notice how the end of the book has many more photographs than the beginning!

My research into the history of the Hall has not been straightforward and there are a number of periods where no records exist of what went on there. Equally, local people who lived through some of those times are unfortunately no longer with us, which is a great shame.

I have only been able to work with what I have uncovered but if, in another 50/75 years it is decided to write Volume 2 of the Hall’s history, I do hope that stories are recorded and archived for future generations. There certainly should be plenty of photos available as everyone now takes them on their phones – hopefully, some of these will be saved and shared, for our descendants to enjoy.

Len Glen-Davison 2023
Photo of five people in a school reunion photo
Some former pupils of Ingram School 1955 reunited again in 2023 in Ingram Village Hall: Back (L-R): John Hope – Johnny Wilson – Mike Hope. Front (L-R): Robbie Cowan – Betty Ashworth (née Tunnah)

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All images and the text from the book’s Preface provided by Len Glen-Davison and used with permission.

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