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Ingram Village Hall History Board

History board installed

We’re pleased to announce that, as part of the Ingram Village Hall Heritage Project, an information board documenting a short history of Ingram Village Hall has now been produced.

Back in February 2023, Len Glen-Davison of Ingram put out an appeal for any information or items (photos, documents, artefacts, memories) that could shed a light on the history of the village hall in Ingram. Len’s heritage project was part of the county-wide Northumberland Village Halls Heritage Project (of which the Breamish Hall Heritage Project in Powburn was a ‘first wave project’ completed in December 2022).

Len has, in a very short time, managed to collate a lot of information and he’s produced a large ‘history board’ documenting a short history:

Photo of Ingram Village Hall history board
Ingram Village Hall History Board
(Image copyright Len Glen-Davison 2023. Used with permission)

The board will be displayed in the Ingram Village Hall for all to enjoy. At the time of writing, the board has not yet been fixed to the walls but this will be sorted as soon as possible.

For now, a BIG THANK YOU to Len for doing this and for putting in so much effort to preserve our local history for the benefit of all.

And there’s more…

As it indicates on the history board: “A more detailed version of the history of Ingram Village Hall is available in book form and can be obtained by emailing Len at“. So, if you’re interested, please email Len directly.

In the meantime, we’ll see if we can gather any further information about Len’s book and keep you updated.

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