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Ingram Church

Welcome to Ingram Church!

St Michael and All Angels Church is a friendly and inclusive place of Christian worship in Ingram Village.

Whether you’re looking for a church or just wondering what Christians believe, we’d love to meet you!

The Bible is at the centre of our lives, as we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to serve our local community. Ingram Church offers baptisms and weddings, and provides a place of prayer, reflection and spiritual refreshment.

Why not try one of our Sunday services, and find out more about us…and about Jesus?


1st Sunday
10:00am Lay-led Service of the Word

2nd Sunday
11:30am Parish Communion

3rd Sunday
6:00pm Evening Prayer (1)

4th Sunday
11:30am Parish Communion

5th Sunday
10:30am Group Service (2)

  1. Only at Ingram Church in Summer (April – September)
  2. Four local churches (Eglingham, Old Bewick, South Charlton, Ingram) come together. Service is followed by refreshments. See notice board for venue.


Newcastle Diocesan Safeguarding Team is led by:
Ruth Rogan (Diocesan Safety Advisor)
Tel 07825 167 016

St. Michael and all Angels’ Safeguarding Officer:
Jan Johnston Tel 01665 578 442


There is currently (as at August 2019) no vicar presiding over the church, so please direct all enquiries to the church wardens:

Mary and Edwin Nelson: 01668 282 382

Jan Johnston: 01665 578 442 Email:

Photo of stone cross covered with snow

History of Ingram Church

St Michael and All Angels Church is steeped in history. It’s thought that a place of worship existed in some form on this site before the Norman conquest. The oldest surviving part of the building today is the bottom half of the tower. Fires and the effects of the England-Scotland Border Wars after 1296 meant that the church fell into serious disrepair. Between 1877-1879, the building was almost completely restored by Rector James Allgood. A few years later, in 1895, Rector Chicele Chambre turned his attention to improving the tower. These restorations largely give us what we see today…a charming old country church, set in a medium-sized churchyard, fronted by an iconic (1928) lychgate.

A Short History and Guide to Ingram Church

A guide book by the late local historian Sarah Wilson is available for purchase for a small fee within the church. Sarah was much loved within the community and her guide takes you clockwise around the church, giving descriptions of interesting features. There’s also background information on some of the individuals and families who are remembered on the lovely stained glass windows and commemorative plaques.

Ingram churchyard with snowdrops and gravestones


The church is open daily all year from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Car parking is available just 100m away.

Photo along the path leading to Ingram Church
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