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Information Board Installed

War Memorial information board installed

An information board about the Breamish Valley War Memorial in Powburn was installed yesterday (Sunday 19 Jan 2020) by Sid Smailes (who looks after the Community Garden) and Robbie Burn (Lead person for the Breamish Valley War Memorial Project).

Providing information for visitors, it’s been installed at the north-west corner of the Community Garden. Sid and Robbie reconstructed the right-angled corner fencing to make an angled corner that’s just the right size for the board. This means that the board is visible to passers by and can be read while standing on the path.

And here’s how they did it…
information board installed-1
Original right-angled corner fencing
information board installed-2
Sid making the first adjustments
information board installed-3
All sized up
information board installed-4
Angled rails in place
information board installed-5
Sid Smailes
information board installed-6
Robbie Burn

What’s on the board?

Alongside a photograph of the Breamish Valley War Memorial, Jame’s Tait’s poem To the Fallen of the Breamish Valley is prominently displayed in large type. James wrote the poem in the Northumbrian dialect for the dedication of the memorial on 27 Oct 2018. In a text box to the right of the poem, there is a short account of the memorial’s history and purpose. This is set above an image of commemorative crosses. The images and text are set on a parchment background that mirrors the parchment used for the online Roll of Honour. Images and design are by Graham Williamson.

The board also contains a Quick Response (QR) code in the top right-hand corner. This is a machine readable, optical label that links to information about the war memorial. Anyone with an internet-connected smart phone, iPad, etc simply has to ‘photograph’ the QR code and their web browser will open up a web page with relevant information.

‘Photographing’ the above QR code will take you to:


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