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Ice Day

What an ice day!

The start of a new (and hopefully much brighter and happier) year brought a cold snap to the valley. Temperatures were below freezing and the Met office was suggesting the possibility of a new Beast from the East later in the month. The original Beast from the East hit us in March 2018, when the whole of the Breamish Valley was knee-deep in snow. Well, we didn’t have to deal with that yesterday but it was cold enough to begin freezing the lakes.

On my ‘let’s-get-back-into-exercising-gradually-after-the-Christmas-binge’ outing yesterday, I went once more to Hedgeley Lakes and, sure enough, the margins of the lakes were frozen over.

Photo of partially frozen lake
Hedgeley East Lake partially frozen
Photo of young swan walking on ice
This swan had to walk its way to open water
Photo of ducks and swans swimming in partially frozen lake
But it got there – and all is calm

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