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How Clean Was My Valley

Or…when rubbish is a social commentary

Mmm. Well. I mean. How clean? What more can be said? Strange, don’t you think, that some people who visit the countryside because of its beauty then rather spoil that beauty by leaving litter?

Of course, anyone who’s lived along the Breamish Valley for any length of time, will know only too well the problems caused by littering. It’s just not a new issue, is it? But just how difficult can it be to ‘Take your litter home’?

Rubbish reveals

I was lucky enough to visit an art gallery in Paris a few years back to see an exhibition of so-called ‘found objects’. Strictly speaking, the objects that were variously and creatively displayed on boards, in drawers and on shelves, were not actually ‘found’. The artist had gathered them by rummaging in the rubbish bins of celebrities. By trawling through their discarded waste, the artist hoped to provide some kind of social commentary about celebrity lives.

So, can the rubbish that is left for us along the Breamish Valley provide any insights into the way 21st century users of the valley live their lives?

Since its UK launch in 1974, we still love a Mackie-D
discarded bottle top
And we like our plastic bottles to have brightly-coloured tops
discarded disposable BBQ
The non-disposed disposable barbecue is as popular as ever
discarded beer can
We so like to chuck back a can or two
discarded plastic
We appreciate any form, texture and shape of plastic
discarded dog poo bag
We’ve discovered that there really is a Poo Bag Fairy!
discarded surgical mask
And finally, some on-trend 2020 trash – the discarded surgical mask. Who’d have thought?
please take your litter home poster

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