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Hedgeley Snow Walk

Snow walk towards Hedgeley

Do you remember April 2020? It was during the first UK Lockdown and we were limited to just a once-a-day exercise regime and I saw a buzzard! And because we had to ‘stay local’ this meant seeing the same things again and again. And when I was out in the changing light recently it gave me that déjà vu feeling once more.

And here we are in January 2021, in a third national lockdown, and being guided again to only take exercise once-a-day. This can be a real downer for many people – often feeling trapped and isolated. However, if you are able, it’s well worth the effort to get out into nature. There’s lots of emerging evidence that being connected to nature is good for us. I realise that the snow isn’t to everyone’s liking, and it can make walking very difficult, but I’ve been lucky enough to get out into our beautiful surroundings and enjoy the differences to be seen in the landscape and wildlife activity during midwinter,

A walk yesterday from Powburn and around the main Hedgeley Lake was a real treat:

Photo of snow-covered fields
Snow fields at Powburn
Photo of sun setting over snow-covered fields
Low sun beginning to melt the snow
Frozen Hedgeley Lake
Photo of swans and geese on frozen lake
Birds sitting and walking on frozen lake
Panoramic photo of frozen lake at Hedgeley, Northumberland
Panorama of Hedgeley Lake

When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels.

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