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Hedgeley Parish Council

Hedgeley Parish Council Remit

Hedgeley Parish Council assists in providing the following services (this is not a complete list):

  • Powburn Play Area
  • dog and litter bins
  • seats/benches
  • consultation on planning applications
  • grants to local charities
  • collaboration with neighbouring Parish Councils on common issues such as road safety


Dates: Hedgeley Parish Council meets quarterly in February, May, September and December each year

Venue: Breamish Hall, Powburn

Time: 7:30pm

Public participation

Members of the public are welcome to attend as observers. Members of the public may ask to put questions to and/or address Hedgeley Parish Council. They can arrange this by letting the Clerk know before 7pm on the day of the meeting. While Hedgeley Parish Council aims to be democratic, transparent and open, items can be raised with the Council on a confidential basis if is agreed that this is necessary.

Contact details

[Updated 08 August 2023]

Clerk to Hedgeley Parish Council

Ms Claire Miller, 14 Addycombe Close, Rothbury, Northumberland NE65 7QF

Tel: 01669 621565


Chair of Hedgeley Parish Council

Ms May Wilson, 7 Crawley View, Powburn NE66 4HJ Tel: Mob: 07901 860613

Vice Chair of Hedgeley Parish Council

Mr Drew Carr-Ellison, Titlington Hall, Alnwick NE66 2EB Tel: 01665 578220 Mob: 07500 663858


Mr John Bennet, 22 Crawley Dene, Powburn NE66 4JH – Tel: 07912 159388

Ms Noreen Birnie, Crawley Farmhouse, Powburn NE66 4JA – Tel: 01665 578413

Mr Michael Clark, Shawdon Woodhouse, Glanton NE66 4AF – Tel: 01665 578102

Mr John Frater, 3 Hill View, Powburn NE66 4HL

Mr Ian Smith, West Bolton, Alnwick NE66 2EF – Tel: 01665 574259

Mr Paul Wood, 17 The Square, Powburn NE66 4HL – Tel: 01665 578599

Declaration of Interests

Members’ declaration of interests can be accessed here.

How to raise an issue with Hedgeley Parish Council

Anyone who wishes to raise an issue or make a suggestion to Hedgeley Parish Council should do so in writing or attend a quarterly Parish Council Meeting.

Letters can be passed to Councillors or, if urgent, raised with the Chair, Vice Chair or Clerk.

Please note that if someone approaches a Councillor without putting the matter in writing, the Councillor will be obliged to disclose the person’s name and this would be minuted if raised at a meeting.

The reason for dealing with issues in this way is to provide Councillors with all relevant information directly from individuals. This is important if a decision is required on any issue raised.

Public documents

Agendas, minutes of meetings, financial documents and other relevant Hedgeley Parish Council documents:

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Data Protection

To conduct its business, services and duties, Hedgeley Parish Council processes a wide range of data, relating to its own operations and some which it handles on behalf of partners. The Council takes your privacy seriously and will treat any information you share with respect and care. The following document sets out what you can expect regarding your privacy.

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