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Hedgeley Parish Council Minutes (Dec 2017)

Hedgeley Parish Council Minutes now available online

Minutes of the December 2017 Hedgeley Parish Council meeting can now be viewed here

All other Hedgeley Parish Council documents can be viewed here

Extracts from Hedgeley Parish Council Minutes

County Cllr update

  • New timetable in place for preparation of the Northumberland Local Plan, the key planning policies for the county up to 2036, with a new plan to be submitted to Central Government by Summer 2019. Five year housing supply document currently at County Council Scrutiny Committee; housing white paper consultation shows future recommendation for Northumberland being 800 new houses per annum.
  • Mobile phone app available for residents to report issues being rolled out region wide by Northumbria Police.

Urgent Business

  • Streetlight out beside pub, and hedge requiring cutting on footpath by pub – Cllr Birnie to arrange hedge cutting; County Cllr to contact P Jones regarding streetlight.
  • Road appears to be collapsing near to Cllr J Brown’s residence – it had been resurfaced recently – Clerk to report dip on road to County Council.

Neighbourhood Management

  • Powburn layby: County Council had confirmed it is an official layby and on Highway land, with the County Council having to consider other users, therefore closing it is not an option, but Officer would enquire whether signs could be placed in the area. There are now large holes to surface which cause disturbance to residents from wagons, which County Council need to action, and it was agreed to request signage stating no refrigerated vehicles for noise purposes, and reiterate the major issue with rubbish and human waste and request a wheelie bin be placed – Clerk to contact Paul Jones (Highways) and Rosemary Ayre (Environmental Health).

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 6 February 2018, 7:30pm, Breamish Hall, Powburn

Hedgeley Parish Council

Hedgeley Parish Council


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