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Hedgeley Lakes development 360 degrees

A lot has happened since June 2017 when John Carr-Ellison of Hedgeley Estates led a public meeting in Powburn to discuss the Estate’s plans for the management of the Breamish Lakes. Work has progressed on developing unique and diverse habitats for both migrant and resident birds.

Thanks once again to photographer David Hanks, who was accompanied by Robbie Burn (Chair of Hedgeley Parish Council), we are able to view this rare development as a bird’s-eye, 360-degrees view:

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Tiny Planet

Hedgeley Lakes development Tiny Planet 50m 2000px c. David Hanks

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‘Tiny Planet’ of Hedgeley Lakes development at 50m

(Image © David Hanks 2018. Used with permission.)


This ‘straight down’ view shows a map of the Hedgeley Lakes development.

Hedgeley Lakes development map view 800px c. David Hanks

Map of the Hedgeley Lakes development

(Image © David Hanks 2018. Used with permission.)

A connected network

As discussed at his public meeting, John plans to connect the Breamish Lakes with an accessible footway.

You can view David Hanks’ other images of the three sets of lakes that will eventually form this network as follows:

Hedgeley Lakes 360-degrees

Branton Lakes 360-degrees


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