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Hedgeley Lakes 360-degrees

Hedgeley Lakes 360 degrees view!

Following our recent post showcasing photographer David Hanks’ Branton Lakes 360-degrees aerial ‘movie’, David has been out with his drone again: this time, photographing the Hedgeley Lakes.

His work provides another striking perspective on our local landscape. He’s created two movies: one shot at 100m (which gives the same perspective as the Branton Lakes 360-degrees movie that was also photographed at 100m) and one shot at 50m. You can view them here:

360-degrees icon

Hedgeley Lakes at 100m

(Includes images of family of swans on the lakes)

360-degrees icon

Hedgeley Lakes at 50m

(Includes images of 19th century maps showing, among other things, the route of the old Roman Road near Powburn)

Tiny Planet

As with his Branton Lakes 360-degrees shots, David has converted these Hedgeley Lakes 360-degrees photos into a stereographic down perspective – a ‘Tiny Planet’.

Hedgeley Lakes Tiny Planet 100m 2000px c. David Hanks 2018

Click for larger image

‘Tiny Planet’ of Hedgeley Lakes at 100m

(Image © David Hanks 2018. Used with permission.)

Hedgeley Lakes Tiny Planet 50m 2000px c. David Hanks 2018

Click for larger image

‘Tiny Planet’ of Hedgeley Lakes at 50m

(Image © David Hanks 2018. Used with permission.)

Where’s David?

If you’re wondering where David stood to take the above (50m) Tiny Planet composition, he explains:

In this instance, just above the central patch in the grass, a bit like a moon crater, are two bushes. The one on the right has a strong shadow to its left and I’m standing in this shadow, hoping that the control unit aerial is sending a strong shutter-release signal to the drone – and it did!

Many thanks!

David describes himself as a “happy self-taught amateur” but, clearly, he has mastered the skills of taking these dazzling perspectives on the landscape. We are very grateful to David for sharing his work and for allowing others the opportunity to see the beauty of the Breamish Valley in such a unique way.


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