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Hedgeley Honey

Flower power from Northumberland!

Bee farmer Ian Robson, based in Powburn, has around 75 bee colonies in the Breamish Valley and as far south as Longframlington. The prime motivation of Hedgeley Honey is to provide the best, purest local honey possible – you know exactly where it has come from!

Portrait photo of bee farmer Ian Robson
Bee farmer Ian Robson
Photo of bee hives in gorse woodland
Hives next to gorse woodland

Most of the honey sold in supermarkets comes from multiple sources. Often pasteurised and processed, it can contain additives and corn syrup. Thankfully, you know precisely where Hedgeley Honey has come from! Buying locally produced honey means cutting your carbon footprint, which is good for all of us.

Close up photo of ling heather
Ling heather

Online shop

Ian now has an online shop on the website – here you can buy the deliciously rich Heather Honey, or the lighter Blossom Honey, in several sizes and as cut comb.

Photo of pot of heather honey
Northumbrian Heather Honey
Photo of three jars of honey
Northumbrian Blossom Honey
Photo of pot of cut comb honey
Northumbrian Cut Comb Heather Honey

A new introduction is the Borage Honey, where Ian’s Northumbrian bees are taken on a pollination contract to borage fields in the East of England. The result is delicate, pale honey. Think of it as a light, white wine compared to the dark, fruity red flavours of the Heather Honey.

There are also a number of stockists across Northumberland – here’s the full list with links to their websites.

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