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Hedgeley gravel quarry

Can you see Hedgeley gravel quarry?

I’d mentioned last November that, “Even though there’s a gravel quarry at Hedgeley I’m typically blissfully unaware of its existence living at Powburn as I do.” In addition, even when walking around Hedgeley Lakes you wouldn’t necessarily know that gravel was being extracted: it’s not easy to see the extraction machinery when the trees are in full leaf.

However, now that we’re well into Winter and the trees have shed their leaves, it’s now possible to see a little of what’s there and what’s happening. You can get a glimpse of the shape and scale of the machinery needed to extract the gravel close to Low Hedgeley Farm, Powburn.

Gravel quarry at Hedgeley Lakes

Gravel quarry machinery seen from Hedgeley Lakes

Gravel quarry traffic at Hedgeley Lakes

Gravel quarry traffic going about its business

Hedgeley top soil storage

The above is where the top soil is stored. It’s not one of the Hedgeley Lakes. It just looks like one owing to the recent storms and very heavy rains!

Hdgeley Lakes, Powburn

Looking towards the Cheviots across one of the Hedgeley Lakes. The gravel quarry is to the top-right, hidden in this image by the conifer trees.


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