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Harthope Valley (Spring 2016)

Sister valley still flowering

About this time last  year, I took a walk with Margaret and my good friend Paul along the Harthope Valley – our sister valley. Well, we repeated it again this year. And, once more, we were not disappointed.

South-west of the market town of Wooler (just 8 miles from the Breamish Valley), the Harthope Valley’s burns trickle and flow through high hills. And in Spring each year they are marked along their length by tumbles of bright yellow gorse.

If you want a short fairly easy ramble then a stroll along the Carey Burn towards the waterfalls is highly recommended. It’s a little uneven underfoot in places, with some loose scree. But if you take your time – and enjoy the views – it’s not all that demanding.

West along Carey Burn in Harthope Valley Spring 2016

Looking West along the Carey Burn

Lost in gorse in Harthope Valley Spring 2016

Where’s Wally Paul?

Solitary tree in Harthope Valley Spring 2016

Solitude standing

Towards the falls in Harthope Valley Spring 2016

Looking at the waterfalls in the distance

Adder in Harthope Valley Spring 2016

A Harthope Valley adder tasting the air


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