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Harthope Valley: sister valley

One of the nearest valleys to the Breamish Valley is the Harthope Vally. It lies at most about 8 miles north of the Breamish Valley. The market town of Wooler is its main town. You can see from the image above that the Harthope Vally runs almost parallel to the Breamish Valley.

Being one of our sister valleys within Northumberland National Park it’s a great place to explore. You can either cycle the quiet country lanes or take a walk along many of the available footpaths and access routes.

A couple of weeks ago, I took a walk with Margaret and my good friend Paul. We parked at the Carey Burn Bridge and then walked along the Carey Burn to the ‘falls’.

Even though the Breamish Valley has very few people actually living within it, the Harthope Valley is even less populated. Consequently, you get a real sense of being alone and ‘out there’. Highly recommended!

Harthope Valley near Breamish Valley

Gorse in full bloom in the Harthope Valley

Walking to the falls in Harthope Valley

Walking to the falls in Harthope Valley, Northumberland National Park

Carey Burn falls - Harthope Valley

The Carey Burn falls

Harthope Valley sky

Just look at that sky!


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