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Hallmark 3 Awarded

Hallmark 3 Awarded to Breamish Hall

After a four-and-a-half-hour assessment on Monday 14 January 2019…

the Breamish Hall has achieved Hallmark 3!!

First Hallmark 3 awarded in Northumberland

The Breamish Hall is the first hall in Northumberland to achieve this award.

In fact, only around 50 halls have been awarded Hallmark 3 in the entire country, so it is a great achievement

What is the Hallmark Scheme?

The Hallmark scheme is a quality standard framework for the management of village halls. Participation is voluntary and there are several benefits:

  • it provides a benchmark for a well-managed hall that gives assurance to funders and other interested parties
  • it gives users confidence that the hall is being managed effectively and efficiently
  • in certain instances, it can reduce the cost of buildings and public liability insurance

Having already achieved Hallmark 1 and Hallmark 2, Hallmark 3 focuses on the role of the hall in the local community and how it interfaces with its users and those in the wider community.

Presentation of certificate

Members of the Breamish Hall Committee were presented with the Hallmark 3 certificate by poet, comedian and spoken word artist, Ian McMillan yesterday (23 January 2019) at the Community Action Northumberland #VillageHallsWeek event at Stannington Village Hall.

Hallmark 3 Awarded by Ian McMillan c. L Currie 2019

Ian McMillan presenting the Hallmark 3 Award to members of the Breamish Hall Committee: Noreen Birnie (left), May Wilson (middle) and Doreen Burn (right).

(Image courtesy of Louise Currie, CAN Community Initiatives Officer. Used with permission.)

Hallmark 3 Awarded fun with Ian McMillan
Breamish Hall Committee members having fun with poet Ian McMillan

(Image courtesy of Noreen Birnie. Used with permission.)

Over the moon!

We are over the moon! It has been a huge effort from all our committee and volunteers, something we have worked towards since receiving Hallmark 1 and 2. It’s a real feather in our cap. We are all very proud of our achievement.

May Wilson
Hallmark 3 Awarded documentation display
Display of Breamish Hall documentary evidence at the #VillageHallsWeek event yesterday


I’m sure that everyone would like to join me in congratulating everyone on the Breamish Hall Committee who has worked so hard to gain this prestigious award. It is certainly a wonderful accolade for Powburn to have the first Hallmark 3 Village Hall in Northumberland. Well done everyone!


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