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Grey day walk: Branton Lakes

Grey day walk

Winter can be muggy, dark and grey. But it’s still great to get outside and enjoy our open spaces. We’re lucky in the Breamish Valley to have the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve accessible all year round. There’s a growing amount of evidence that just being out in nature improves our sense of well-being. And, for me, today was no exception – I thoroughly enjoyed my grey day walk…

Branton Lakes grey day walk bird hide

Grey day walk to the bird hide at West Lake

Branton Lakes grey day walk inlet

An inlet to the West Lake

Branton Lakes grey day walk reflection

A time to reflect

Branton Lakes grey day walk teasle


Branton Lakes grey day walk west lake

View towards the larger of the two islands in West Lake

Branton Lakes grey day walk woodland 1

Colourful woodland on a grey day walk


  1. Paul and Tracey

    great photos…love these thanks a lot…its a special place Powburn and the surrounding area

    1. Glad you like the photos. Yes, Powburn is a really special place – we just love living here in north Northumberland. A real sense of place.

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