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Foxglove season

Common name: foxglove

Scientific name: Digitalis purpurea

Flowering season: June – September

The foxglove is a common woodland, moorland and hedgerow plant and it’s now flowering all along the Breamish Valley.

Its spikes of bright pink-purple, tubular flowers can now easily be seen across the whole of north Northumberland.

The photos on this page were taken yesterday at Thrunton Wood.

[Regular Breamish Valley Blog readers will know Thrunton Wood as the setting for the recent posts Rhododendron: Devil in Disguise? and When the Light Breaks Through.]

pink-purple, tubular foxglove flowers
Spike of foxglove flowers
bee flying into a foxglove flower
Bee flying into foxglove
three spikes of foxglove flowers at Thrunton Wood
Foxglove spikes – there’s that bee again!

A foxglove by any other name

Did you know that the foxglove is also known as ‘bloody bells’ or ‘bloody finger’?

I didn’t!

In fact, the Royal Horticultural Society lists 33 other names for foxglove, including:

  • fairy’s petticoat
  • lion’s mouth
  • lady’s gloves
  • witches’ thimbles

and my favourite:

  • pop dock!
large spike of foxglove flowers
Pop dock at Thrunton Wood!

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