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Forest Fungi

Or…mushrooms in the crooked wood

Feels, like a good Halloween one this – finding mushrooms in the deep, dark woods.

crooked branches of falling tree
Crooked Wood

All of these (and far too many more to show here) were found at nearby Thrunton Wood [GPS: 55°23’0.78″ N 1°54’4.56″ W]. Autumn is a glorious time of the year, isn’t it?

white mushroom
Common puffball
mushrooms on a twig
Parachute mushroom
brown mushrooms in leaf mould
‘Little brown mushroom’ [Comparable to a ‘little brown bird’, i.e. lots of them and difficult to distinguish]
bracket fungus on tree
Horse hoof mushroom
rusty red coloured mushroom
‘Past their best’ mushrooms
Photo of fly agaric overlaid with the words 'The Smallest Room'
All about mushrooms
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