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First Foundations (War Memorial)

First Foundations laid for War Memorial

Readers may recall that the War memorial Hole was dug on 25 August 2018 and yesterday (Saturday 9 September 2018) the first foundations were laid.

Sid Smailes (custodian of the Powburn Community Garden), Robbie Burn (Breamish Valley War Memorial Project Lead), Craig Hunter (resident) and I met in the Powburn Community Garden to mix and pour the first foundations.

Sid had already welded the steel reinforcing cage that was to be placed in the footings. Robbie had earlier that day bought the necessary six bags of cement and Craig and Sid took a couple of trips to the Breamish Hall to pick up sharp sand. The ballast for the strong cement mix was taken from the extracted earth/sand/pebbles dug out to create the approximately 130cm x 130cm hole and which was temporarily stored behind Sid’s garden. And the water was simply gathered by the bucket full from the existing well inside the Community Garden. All went pretty smoothly – even though Sid had to make a quick repair to the petrol-powered cement mixer that surprisingly sprung a small leak. And, after about two-and-a-half hours, the first stage of the foundations was completed. We even had our youngest helper on hand to complete the finishing touches – 2-year-old Eva Burn.

So, the first foundations needs to be allowed to set for a few days before some wooden shuttering is used to build up the central column and the stone War Memorial lowered into place.

Below are a few images showing what took place. Please feel free to go along to the Powburn Community Garden and take a look for yourselves. Do be careful though, as the hole is large and deep – children will need supervising by an appropriate adult.


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