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Fire Risk Breamish Valley!

Fire risk in Breamish Valley

Following the UK Government’s recent easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, there have been reports of visitors to Breamish Valley not following guidance on social distancing, dropping litter and lighting barbecues. Consequently, Northumberland National Park Authority has issued instructions that, during the current hot spell, no barbecues should be lit anywhere along the Breamish Valley. To this end, a mobile roadside information panel was installed on the road into Breamish Valley just after passing through Brandon Village and shortly after the footbridge.

fire risk warning sign Breamish Valley

The sign clearly indicates that there is a FIRE RISK and that NO BARBECUES are allowed.

It also informs visitors that there is NO CAMP(ING) and reminds people to TAKE LITTER HOME.

It’s good that people are able to get out and visit open spaces. However, it’s important that everyone follows the Countryside Code. Leaving glass and plastic bottles – as well as being dangerous to wildlife – can cause fires.

discarded barbecue
Discarded barbecue in Breamish Valley
rubbish in Breamish Valley
Discarded rubbish – danger to wildlife and risk of causing fire

Linhope Spout was severely littered over the recent bank holiday.

The Breamish Valley welcomes thoughtful and respectful visitors.

Please follow the Countryside Code

and remember:

fire risk warning sign

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