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Disused Co-op Store Images

Disused Co-op images added to heritage collection

As part of the Breamish Hall Heritage Project, we’ve been able to acquire licences to add two more images that extend our understanding of the ongoing history of the village hall in Powburn.

Breamish Hall prior to 1973 renovations

The former stone-built Hedgeley Co-operative Store in Powburn ceased trading in 1966. This afforded an opportunity for the West Hedgely Jubilee Hall Committee to make a formal application on 1 November 1969 to purchase and convert the shop into a new village hall for Powburn.

The building work to carry out the necessary alterations began in September 1973.

We have been fortunate to have found the funding to purchase licences from Northumberland Archives for photographs that show the disused former Co-op Store after it ceased trading but before the building work alterations began, i.e. between 1966 and September 1973 (Note 1).

Take a look!

Two of the images have already been added to the Breamish Hall History where they can be viewed in the context of Buying the Co-op.

Also, the details pages for each of the newly-added photographs can be viewed via the below buttons:

Photo of former Co-op store in Powburn
Disused Co-op Store 1
Disused Co-op Store 2

[Credit: All images on this page are Copyright © Northumberland Archives and used under licence.]


  1. We have actually been able to buy licences for a total of four photographs from the Northumberland Archives. The remaining two images will be published on this website in due course.
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