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Crab apples flowering in Community Garden

Crab apples flowering

In April last year (2015), Sid Smailes planted five ornamental crab apple trees in the Community Garden in Powburn.

Well, after carefully tending them for over a year, they are now all flowering – and they look wonderful, with each tree showing a profusion of white flowers. I’m sure that in a few year’s time, once they’ve become really established, they are going to look even better. They certainly cheer up the community garden, which is a real asset to the residents of Powburn.

Once again, many thanks to Sid for all his efforts in maintaining the garden for the benefit of residents and visitors.

crab apple malus John Downie

Crab apple (malus) ‘John Downie’ in full flower

ornamental trees in flower

Crab apples flowering in Powburn Community Garden after 1st year planting

flowering malus John Downie

Profusion of white malus flowers

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